Paint Work

Part of being a full-service heavy-vehicle repair and towing business is taking care of every single aspect of the truck’s journey, from emergency response to return to the road. Although paint work is a large part of this process, not all facilities include it in their services. The team at The Truck Factory, however, take paint work extremely seriously and are only finished with our trucks when this part of the process is complete to the customer’s satisfaction. Drivers ourselves, we understand that other drivers take great pride in their trucks, so we take care of the paint work to ensure they return to the road with vehicles that look as good on the outside as they do on the inside.

When it comes to paint work, we use a number of techniques and approaches to ensure each vehicle looks as good as new when we’re finished with it. This includes using paint finishes that are of the highest quality and have been especially created to withstand the harshest conditions out on the roads. We take into account colour-matching and design, and utilise modern pressurised paint baking ovens, as well as a team of specialist spray painters who are committed to providing the best outcomes.

Rather than forcing a standard style of paint work on every driver, we listen to each customer’s needs and expectations, and tailor the job to suit them. We understand that all vehicles have unique needs, so we always take the time to evaluate before moving into the application process. After decades in the industry, we’ve found that this results in happy drivers with trucks in pristine condition that are up to their standards.

  • High-quality paint finishes
  • Work that won’t wear out
  • Colour-matching and unique design
  • Modern pressurised baking ovens
  • Trained, skilled and passionate team

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