Trailer Repair Near Me

Trailer Repair Near Me Service in Adelaide

At The Truck Factory, our business is taking care in Trailer Repairs, and everything that entails. Our trained and certified staff only use the best-quality practices and methods which we’ve cultivated from years of industry experience and gained knowledge. Trailer Repair Near Me in Adelaide are hugely important to our overall heavy-vehicle repair focus, and by ensuring they’re restored using advanced equipment and updated techniques, we get our drivers back on the road before they know it.

Trailer Repairs Near Me

There are endless services that fall under our Trailer Repair facility. These include hydraulic service and repairs, brake and clutch repairs, major suspension overhauls, structural repairs and fabrication, as well as a 24-hour breakdown service. Working in our team are expert welders, body builders, operators, mechanics and boilermakers to mend your trailer as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Whether your needs of Trailer Repairs, Truck Repairs Adelaide or Towing Services in Adelaide, or just modifications and additions, we can take care of it. Our professional staff also focus on adding twist locks and brake relines, sorting out electrical problems as well as general repairs, fitting landing legs and welding repairs. Depending on your specific needs, we can straighten, lengthen or bend your trailer, whatever its current state.

  • Advanced equipment and updated techniques
  • Hydraulic service
  • Brake and clutch service
  • Structural repairs
  • Straighten, lengthen or bend trailers
  • Trained and experienced team

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